Welcome to the Chronicles of Crazy

Welcome to the Chronicles of Crazy

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Happy May!

Happy May!!


How did everyone spend their Cinco de Mayo? Instead of toxifying myself with alcohol/calorie/sugar-laden margaritas, my day was spent picking up some seedlings from my farmer friend, Jimmy in order to start the process of growing my own food.  I believe if we all planted some of our own food, we would learn to appreciate it more and what it can do to nourish our bodies and give us a sense of getting back to our roots - no pun intended. We care for it, watch it grow, and the taste is much more rich and delicious and soo much more satisfying. And should I mention that it hasn't been sprayed with dreadful Monsanto chemicals that ruin our food's molecular structure? All the anti-oxidants in the plants we grow ourselves will do just that - anti oxidize our bodies and renew our cells so that they do not oxidize aka turn carcinogenic.


We then sought out a vegan restaurant for some sweet potato wrapped portobello mushrooms and tempeh filled triangles of happiness.  The portion sizes were far less than our standard family-sized bowls of pasta we are all so used to - but we left feeling satisfied and full of energy! I encourage you to try to go meatless for at least one day a week and see how it makes you feel. And please support your local community supported farmers!


Next up - we will be giving you a tutorial on how to make your own Kombucha!


Until next time... Be well...


Peace and Hair Grease,

Nadine aka Crazy Nice



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