Welcome to the Chronicles of Crazy

Welcome to the Chronicles of Crazy

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Happy May!

Happy May!!


How did everyone spend their Cinco de Mayo? Instead of toxifying myself with alcohol/calorie/sugar-laden margaritas, my day was spent picking up some seedlings from my farmer friend, Jimmy in order to start the process of growing my own food.  I believe if we all planted some of our own food, we would learn to appreciate it more and what it can do to nourish our bodies and give us a sense of getting back to our roots - no pun intended. We care for it, watch it grow, and the taste is much more rich and delicious and soo much more satisfying. And should I mention that it hasn't been sprayed with dreadful Monsanto chemicals that ruin our food's molecular structure? All the anti-oxidants in the plants we grow ourselves will do just that - anti oxidize our bodies and renew our cells so that they do not oxidize aka turn carcinogenic.


We then sought out a vegan restaurant for some sweet potato wrapped portobello mushrooms and tempeh filled triangles of happiness.  The portion sizes were far less than our standard family-sized bowls of pasta we are all so used to - but we left feeling satisfied and full of energy! I encourage you to try to go meatless for at least one day a week and see how it makes you feel. And please support your local community supported farmers!


Next up - we will be giving you a tutorial on how to make your own Kombucha!


Until next time... Be well...


Peace and Hair Grease,

Nadine aka Crazy Nice



Weight Loss Success Story - Topic Time Part 2 with Nadine Michele Preston

Recently I sat down with Harrison Blake Young for a one hour interview for his TV Show "Topic Time".

Please enjoy this segment. Here we discuss my weight loss success story by discovering Bikram Yoga and why I'd rather inspire others with no photoshop or diet pills involved. Just mental determination is all you need. If you know anyone that feels like they have too much weight to lose and have an uphill battle, please share this video with them. I was 165 pounds at one point and I am now 120 pounds, it took YEARS but I NEVER GAVE UP! Stick with it and you will get results! Oh, and I also show you the secrect to how I make my green smoothies. If there is anything you want to know just ask! Please visit my channel for the remainder of the segments to learn more about Nadine Michele Preston.

WATCH: http://www.youtube.com/nadinemichele617
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Nadine aka Crazy Nice is Gooberific!


I hope you enjoy these clips from my past few photo shoots...Because pictures really don't capture the true essence of Crazy Nice :)))))

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Discovering Who We Are

Discovering Who We Are:

Our challenge is to find a synthesis of our parents' perspectives, one that points to a more truthful existence.  In my own case, my father always wanted to see the world as fun and one big party, and the home of great adventure.  His was a material world, devoid of a lived spirituality, and often his search for fun led him into trouble, debt and jail time.  As I grew up, I saw this pattern and was sensitized to the need for a more strategic approach to adventure and a better sense of responsibility.  My mother, on the other hand, knew the world to be deeply spiritual, but it was a moral spirituality.  She sacrificed any idea of personal adventure for the hard work of helping others and solving the word's ills.  Flying or skiing was completely out of the question.  She would rather spend Mother's Day cleaning up the parks.


What did it mean that I was born between these two people?  Their own compromise was difficult.  My mother always wanted to control my father and he always rebelled, insisting that life was about expanding one's horizons.  As I stepped back and looked at this situation, I saw the obvious solution.  Once could pursue life with the deep spirituality held by my mother, which included making the world better, but it could also be a fun and adventurous pursuit.  This fusion of my parents' lives and the best of their viewpoints also gave me the sense that I am completing their life purposes in some way and helping them to evolve in the present.

I'm on calendar stands!!

EXCITING NEWS!! The calendar that I am featured in is officially in calendar kiosks located in Massachusetts and New Hampshire!! YAY!!  Looks better than the Sports Illustrated one if I do say so myself! :)))))))

If you are not in these locations and would like to purchase one, please contact me!





Eight Ball in the Side Pocket…

I have a great story that I would like to share with you.  When I was younger, I called my Dad so excitedly and told him how I was playing pool regularly for a while now and was getting pretty good!  He took interest to this statement and took me to a shop and bought me a custom-made purplicious pool stick.  Yay! We then continued on to the nearest pool hall so he could play with me.  Let me tell you, this was not a fun experience.  He ran the table on me and I hardly got a shot in!  I was so shocked and told him that I thought I was improving!  He looked me straight in the eye and stated firmly: “Nadine, if you continue to play pool with people that suck, you will never get better.”  What he said at the end of our game was advice that I take with me in each and every aspect of my life and feel it has helped shape me to be the person I am today.

Eight ball in the side pocket… Crack slut? NO. Pool shark? YES.

Thanks Boston Bob.

I hope you enjoy my first article for Vicissitude Magazine. Stay tuned for more!

My first published article for Vicissitude Magazine. May 2012 issue.


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